My Goals for June | Everyday May

Recently, I’ve been trying to turn my life around. I’m working harder, spending smarter and taking better care of myself. It sounds silly, but I want to sort my sh*t out. I’m fed up of feeling weighed down, unsuccessful and unproductive, so it’s time I do something about it. Here are my goals to improve […]

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Venice Carnival | Everyday May

When we turned up in Venice late February this year, we were surprised to find it in the middle of a carnival! Walking through the streets to central, we quickly came across crowds of people, all wearing masks or dressed up in crazy and extravagant outfits. It was the most unexpected thing ever, and we […]

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Lola Bean | Everyday May

Lola has become such a huge part of my life. Whenever I’m stressed out or in need of some fresh air, we go out on a walk in the countryside and forget about reality for an hour or so. Lola’s favourite thing in the whole world, aside from food, are tennis balls. She loves them. Recently, she’s […]

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Shopping in Madrid | Everyday May

I visited Madrid in February, as part of my European adventure with my best pal, Lauren. We booked to visit Madrid mainly because the flights and accommodation were super cheap, and we fancied an adventure. We didn’t really have any expectations, and from research we decided to go exploring. Turns out, we found ourselves a […]

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