Woah, it’s the end of the month again! Well, it’s safe to say that May was a super busy one. I’ve had so many hours at work, as well as keeping on top of my blog challenge, Everyday May, as well as a tonne of other things going on. By the time June came around, I was just about ready to pass out on my bed and go to sleep for about a week. And to be honest, that’s exactly what’s happened! Sorry for the quiet blog over the past week, but I needed some time away. I’ve got lots of exciting things to come over the next month though, so keep an eye out!

Going back to May, my highlight has to be going to Alton Towers with my pals. It was a great couple of days, and a chance to get away from it all with people I love. Okay, maybe I didn’t go on as many rides as I had anticipated, (ladies, you’ll sympathise here – nice one period), but it was still so much fun to watch them all crap their pants on the rollercoasters!

Onto the good stuff…


For me, May was all about treating myself a little better, so I’ve been trying out some new skincare and beauty products, to try and kick start my routines and look after myself. In this month’s favourite are just some of the products I’ve discovered during this little journey:

Colgate Max White Mouthwash

I have always wanted white teeth, and unfortunately for me, my teeth are rather large, i.e. v noticeable when I grin. To tackle this, I have found a couple of good whitening toothpastes, but I’ve never really looked into using a mouthwash that wasn’t medicated. I saw that Colgate was on offer for £2, and picked it up, mostly enticed by the promises of instantly whiter teeth.May Faves 4I’ve been using this mouthwash for around a month now, and I would say within the first 10 days or so I really noticed a difference in the colour of my teeth. There was a definite whitening going on, as well as brightening and adding shine. Now, it should be noted that my teeth weren’t particularity discoloured away, but I would say that my teeth are at least 2 shades of white lighter, and they are definitely much brighter. As the time using this mouthwash has gone on, I would say that I have noticed less of an important in terms of whitening, but I am going to continue to use it to see if it will improve the colouring any further.

It’s definitely a good recommendation for a quick whitening fix, as you will notice a difference in your teeth colouring in the first two weeks.

You can pick it up in most supermarkets, or at Boots.

Freederm Gel

With trying all these new skincare products come spots, and I’ve been using this Freederm Gel in an attempt to try and combat this problem. My face was breakout central in May, mostly because I was trying some new hydration aloe water’s, which I’ll be discussing in a blog post next week.May Faves 3I use the Freederm gel on targeted spots, as it is awesome at drying them up and reducing redness. I find that the best time to use this product is right at the end of your evening skincare routine, so that the product has time to work overnight. You can use this product underneath make-up, however I have found that the gel creates it’s own film, and this can be difficult to apply foundation and concealer over because it looks unevenly textured, and can quickly make you base peel off. It’s definitely not the solution to all over facial acne, but it’s incredible for the odd break out that you want gone/less noticable for the next day. Wish I had known about this product in highschool, so many of my problems would have been solved. Did anyone else get stress spots?

Pick up the Freederm Gel here.

Victoria’s Secret Perfume in “Love Addict”

When I was in Florida with the fam last year, we hit up some of the highway shopping outlets, and Victoria’s Secret was one of the main stores. I’ve never really been that interested in the brand, but we went in to have a look for some presents as there was some great discounts. Turns out, they had some mega deals on some gorgeous smelling body sprays – buzzing! This one is called Love Addict and it’s very sweet smelling, as it is made with orchid and blood orange scents.May Faves 1As you know, I’m really rubbish at describing perfume, but I like this one because it’s refreshing, plus it hangs around all day. It’s sort of like a posh body spray; like a one up to the Impulse ones you had as a kid. It’s great because it’s not as heavy as a perfume, and it was a complete bargain. Plus, the smell is TO DIE FOR. Wheeey!

You can pick it up from here. (Since I bought it it has been repackaged and reformulated.)

Real Techniques Brushes

I’m not sure why, but in May I became absolutely obsessed with trawling through the Boots website every minute I had the chance. During my skincare revival search I discovered the Buy One Get One Free offer that was going on for the Real Techniques brushes and decided to take the plunge. I headed into store to get a better look and feel of the collection, and bought the foundation and concealer brushes almost instantly.May Faves 2You know I’m quite content with good old Wilko’s brushes, but I after hearing nothing but great reviews from other influencers, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. And yes, they ARE awesome brushes. Super soft and great in helping you apply an even base by smoothly blending out the product. The concealer one is fantastic for under the eyes and targeted spot covering!

After falling in love with the base brushes, I went on to purchase the powder brush and the blusher brush, and now I have a cute little collection. My favourite one out of the four would be the blusher brush, which I actually use for bronzer, because it makes it easy to create a warm and subtle bronzed glow.

The Anna Edit: Capsule Wardrobe

Oh. My. God. I am so obsessed with Anna! She’s so effortlessly cool and sophisticated, and writes like a dream. Her blog and YouTube channel, The Anna Edit, are all I have been watching and reading in May. Her thoughts on style, make-up and skincare are both interesting and inspiring, plus I am in love with the thought of owning a Capsule wardrobe like hers one day. She actually inspired my to get ride of over 60% of my clothes! (I’m thinking of doing a blog post talking about my Capsule challenge that I have set myself, so keep an eye out for that one coming in the next couple of weeks.)

After hours of watching her videos, I am now totally inspired to begin living a simple, anti-materialism life! She is fantastic! If you’re looking for some inspiration for capsule wardrobes or skincare, she’s definitely the girl to hit up! OBSESSED.

Blog: theannaedit.com

YouTube: theannaedit


So those are my favourites for the month! Sorry it’s a little late:(

I hope you had an awesome May – let me know what you got up to in the comments, I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading, and here’s to an awesome June!


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