Venice Carnival | Everyday May

When we turned up in Venice late February this year, we were surprised to find it in the middle of a carnival! Walking through the streets to central, we quickly came across crowds of people, all wearing masks or dressed up in crazy and extravagant outfits. It was the most unexpected thing ever, and we were SO lucky we accidentally booked on the dates we did! Unusually, it was when the flights were at the cheapest, and we got a really good deal on our hotel too, so don’t be deterred if you think that travel will be more expensive – just make sure to shop around for a good deal. If you want some tips on how to find cheap travel and accommodation, check out my recent blog post: Travel Planning: Best Websites + Top Tips | Everyday May.IMG_3501St. Marks Square was full of people, as well as a huge stage where acts were performing the whole time we were there. There was such a buzz and an atmosphere, everyone was dancing, singing and laughing. The party continued late into the night every night we were there; definitely stay out of central if you want a good nights sleep!. The main streets leading to the square, the shopping streets and the Rialto bridge, were constantly filled with people, as well as most of the bars and restaurants.IMG_3447Everyone in Venice seemed to be in the mood to join in. Some British people were saying that they fly out specifically to go to the Carnival every year and wear the traditional outfits and masks. It was such a huge-scale event; even the designer shops had created related window displays using masks and elaborate outfits.IMG_3425It was so awesome to see people dancing in the streets and having a laugh. There were street performers, stalls and carnival inspired food and drink sold on every corner. We saw a really talented street musician on our last night. He was a violinist, and he was playing loads of really well known songs. It was so unique, the crowd surrounding him was huge and everyone was singing and dancing. It was one of those moments that I will never forget.

The hardest part of the carnival was picking a mask; there were SO many to choose from! I ended up going for a black and gold one with a black feather. You feel so mysterious when you wear it – like you’re a different person! It’s such a strange feeling, but was so fun to join in.IMG_3293I had the best time at the carnival – even during the day time people were dressed up and the party continue. If you ever get the chance to visit Venice, try to see the carnival, as it’s such a unique event and I guarantee that you’ll find something you’ll enjoy!


Have you ever been to the Venice Carnival? What did you get up to?

I’d love to know in the comments!


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