48 Hours in Rome, Italy | Everyday May

Rome is beautiful, there’s no doubt about it. There’s so much to see and do, and the food is AWESOME. Pizza upon pizza – yeah baby! There’s something to see and do in Rome for everyone, it’s a very cultured place with loads of art, food and history, so whatever you love to do in a city, you can find it in Rome.

Here’s what I got up to in my short 48 hour stay:


We booked a quirky apartment building on the edge of the city, located right near a tube station which could get us into central. We chose it because it was out of the way of the hustle and bustle, and the further you go out of the city centre, the cheaper the accommodation. It was called Lucky Domus Rooms, and the link to book is here. The lady who ran the hotel was amazing, she was so lovely and gave us a map and recommended restaurants and places to visit. We arrived late, so she told us to eat at La Cucica, a restaurant just around the corner from our hotel, and it was delicious. If you choose to stay in this apartment, definitely go here for dinner. It’s a cute little family run restaurant, and they do really yummy pizza. IMG_1778


After catching up on sleep, our first day in Rome began. The Colosseum was our first stop, and we arrived at about 10am. We didn’t book our tickets online, however I would recommend doing so because the queues were crazy. I didn’t expect it to be so busy on a weekday in early February. Nonetheless, because we brought along our Passports to evidence that we were EU citizens between the ages of 18-25, we got a reduced ticket rate of 7.50 euros. Awesome. IMG_1732I love the Colosseum. I studied Latin at GCSE, and had a very passionate teacher who took us to Italy a few years back to teach us all about the history of Rome. Some of that passion rubbed off on me, and it was nice to wonder around the Colosseum with Lauren, who hadn’t visited before, and tell her about all the different components. I’d say, including queue time, we were at the Colosseum going on 2 hours.

IMG_1753Our ticket included the Palatine and the Roman Forum, which are located across the road from the Colosseum. The amount of ruins left is astonishing – it’s definitely worth a walk around if you have the chance. IMG_1805By the time we had looked at the Colosseum and the Palatine, it was lunch time, so we walked across the crazy road near the beautiful Parliament Building, to find a street with some pizza and some crepes. My favourite. There are lots of little cafes and pizzerias in this area, so definitely have a snoop around here for a snack. IMG_1819Our next stop was the Trevi Fountain – it is the most beautiful sight to behold. Okay, it has become quite commercialised, so be prepared for salesman bugging you, however it’s simply stunning and worth the visit. Lauren and I threw coins in and made our Trevi Fountain wishes and it was a cute moment.

It’s also a really nice walk to the Trevi Fountain, as the back streets are full of pretty buildings and lovely little shops with homemade things and souvenirs. If you can go by foot, definitely something to bare in mind.IMG_1853After the Trevi Fountain, we walked to the Pantheon, which is only a 10 minute walk from the Fountain. It’s free admittance, and is currently being used as a church after historically being a temple. The architecture is beautiful and it’s a good opportunity to learn a little bit about Roman history.IMG_1893Our last stop on day 1 of Rome was the Spanish Steps. We went in the evening, so there was a really nice atmosphere about the place. It is always quite busy, but there’s a lovely view of Rome from the top of the steps. You can go inside the church at the top if you want to as well. I think it’s really stunning, plus it’s a great area to visit if you like designer shops or Sephora, which are located at the bottom of the steps.IMG_1939


Our second day we decided would be Vatican Day, so we got up early and caught the tube to Vatican City. We had our breakfast in one of the lovely little cafes near the entrance and headed for the queue. Okay, one thing I want to say here is, book your tickets in advance through an OFFICIAL sight. We didn’t get ours because we didn’t really expect to have enough time to see the Vatican, so we had to queue. There was an official Vatican person at the start of the queues to help you, however there are loads of unofficial people around who claim to be guides, giving you discount or tours. It’s something to be aware of so you don’t get scammed. Anyway, we were told we would be in the queue waiting for over 3 hours, but it turned out to be only 40 minutes, which wasn’t too bad considering we didn’t pre-book.

Moral of the story is: book in advance and don’t fall for the scammers hounding you in the queue.IMG_2140Entrance fees for the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel were 16 euros, however if you’re under 25 with a student card it’s 8 euros. We tried to use our passports instead but they refused them, so if you have a student card take it with you. I would recommend bringing it with you wherever you visit in Europe, because there are discounts in most countries for card holders.

The Vatican is beautiful. Every single room is like a work of art, and there’s loads to see. During our visit we managed to see an Ancient Egypt exhibition with Egyptian art, jewellery, coffins and paintings. It was really interesting, and I wasn’t expecting to see it amongst all the Roman history!IMG_2075There are lots of Roman art, sculptures and mosaics to look at, as well as intricate architecture and exhibitions. It is important to remember that there is a lot to see at The Vatican, and a lot of walking, so wear comfy footwear, and be prepared to be there a long time in order to see everything. We must have been there around 4 hours, and we still didn’t manage to see it all.

The Sistine Chapel is pretty, but there are other areas of The Vatican which I enjoyed more, so don’t just go straight to the Chapel, make sure you have a look around because there tonnes of stunning rooms to see. My favourite room was the one leading to the Chapel, because the walls were covered in maps and globes, and the one pictured below with the sculptures and mosaic floor.IMG_2034.JPGWe found a fab pizza place outside the Vatican, I mean, when in Italy have pizza for every meal wooo! And then we spent the last part of our second day wondering around the shops and mooching up and down the streets. We also got some gelato in the evening, which was INCREDIBLE. I had a dark chocolate brownie scoop and a hazelnut scoop. Definitely try some if you get the chance, and there are ice cream shops everywhere.IMG_2165My highlights of Rome would be making a wish at the Trevi Fountain, and the Vatican, if you love weird painted ceilings.


Have you visited Rome? What were your favourite things? Or what would you recommend visiting?

I’d love to know in the comments!



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