Dr Seuss Landing, Islands of Adventure Florida | Everyday May

I have a huge amount of love for Dr Seuss stories and their partnering films. Don’t ask me why, but they bring me so much joy and happiness, I literally smile just thinking about them. The stories are full of so much nonsense and imagination; the characters are weird and wonderful; and the picture they paint is something quite indescribable. DSCF3398Horton Hears A Who is my favourite animation film of all time. Horton is the purple elephant in the photo above which I am doing a really awful impression of. It’s full of subtle humour, adventure and ambition, I love it and the positive message it portrays to viewers. I first watched it when I was about 11 and it made me roar with laughter, and it still does now. It’s weird, but I would recommend it so many times. Plus, it has this cute yellow fluff ball called Katie. See the resemblance?DSCF3338I was absolutely beside myself when I found out about Seuss landing, and I made everyone spend most of the afternoon there going on the rides and looking in the shops. I bought SO much stuff. Xavier and I got twee Thing 1 and Thing 2 tops. It was v cute. Plus it rained so we had to stay in the shops even longer. Woooo!DSCF3390I just love the colours and the weirdness of it all at Seuss Landing. The Lorax is another example of awesome Seuss writing. The film was so wacky but had such a lovely message to it, that you just can’t help but fall in love with it and all it has to say.DSCF3414Everyone in my party enjoyed it, and embraced the weirdness. Everything was so random, no one really knew what was going on. Plus, we ate so many strange sweets from the sweet shop that everyone was hyper from the sugar rush, so it was twice as fun.DSCF3392If you ever get the chance to visit Islands of Adventure, check out Dr Seuss land! You won’t regret it, but you might be a bit confused.

And with that, I’ll let Dr Seuss sign me off with this little rhyme:DSCF3427


Have you visited Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure in Florida? What was your favourite part?

Let me know in the comments!


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