What’s In My Make-Up Bag | Everyday May

I love reading about make-up and the products that people use in their everyday make-up bag so I thought I’d try writing my own. If I’m honest, I’m no make-up hoarder. I like to buy one product at a time and use the whole thing up unless it’s really awful. I don’t like wasting money or products, so I take a lot of time and care into choosing my make-up, and only buy it if I think I’ll use it/it works for me. I have such a small collection that it actually all fits into one make-up bag, however all of it I absolutely love, and these are the bits that I use day to day.

Here’s what’s inside my make-up bag:

Garnier Intense Care Moisturising Cream

I have quite bad eczema, especially on my face. I hate using my medicated creams because they are so heavy and oily, that any make-up I put on top of them literally glides straight off my face. I found this Garnier cream in Savers for a quid, and loved it from the first time I used it. It’s really lightweight, but still really moisturising, and I like to use this before I start my make-up to reduce any eczema and stop stinging from products.

Buy it here.

Garnier Moisturizer

Barry M Flawless Colour Correcting Primer

I haven’t had this product too long, as I featured it only a couple of weeks ago in my Mini Superdrug Haul, but I have noticed a significant difference in the wear and lasting of my make-up since using it. I apply it to my face after my moisturiser has dried. Some people would disagree with using a moisturiser and a primer, but I need the moisturiser for my eczema and a primer to keep my make-up on. The two together is like a dream team for me! I like this Barry M one because it makes my face feel really smooth and helps the foundation to glide on more evenly.

Buy it here.

Barry M Primer

FOUNDATIONS – L’Oreal True Match + Revlon Colorstay

I have two foundations in my make-up bag. One that matches my skin perfectly, and one I like to use when I look really pale and washed out. The L’Oreal True Match is quiet literally a true match for me – I wear the shade Vanilla – and it’s great for most of the time when I don’t want to appear like I’m wearing too much make-up. I find it to be lightweight with quite build-able coverage, however sometimes it stings on my eczema. On the other hand, I bought the Revlon Colorstay in a slightly darker shade to my natural skin tone so that I could make my skin look a little bit darker and more awake. I have quite a pale complexion, and the Colorstay is really good as it is easy to blend so you don’t look too dark in comparison to the rest of your body. This foundation is definitely heavier but my skin doesn’t find it harsh. I love them both for everyday wear.

Buy L’Oreal True Match here.

Buy Revlon Colorstay here.


CONCEALERS – Collection Lasting Perfection + L’Oreal True Match

Once again I have two concealers because they are both good at different things. I only recently bought the Collection Lasting Perfection after a couple of friends recommended it to me, and I’m so glad that they did! This is awesome for covering spots and the redness surrounding them, plus I use it for under my eyes as it isn’t harsh on my skin. Similar to the foundation, the True Match concealer stings my skin in places, so can’t use it under my eyes or around my cheek-bone areas. I like to use this one on redness and down my nose because it’s quite brightening, and is the perfect colour for my skin tone so looks really natural. If I had to choose one, it would be the Collection Lasting Perfection because it’s so cheap, has awesome coverage and gives your skin a little glow.

Buy Collection Lasting Perfection here.

Buy L’Oreal True Match here.



Collection Gorgeous Glow

I bought this block in the shade “Bronzer”, and I like to use this mini palette as a highlighter as well as a bronzer. I use the far left shade (the palest shade) on my cheek bones and down my nose as is works as a beautiful, shimmery highlighter. For my bronzer, I use a combination of the two shades next to the highlighter, so they compliment my skin tone well. I find the final two shades to be too dark for me, however I think they would be useful for contouring or a more dramatic bronzer. Unfortunately, I’m not that great at make-up, haha. The colour pay-off is really good, and it has a beautiful shimmer to it, which makes your skin look really healthy and radiant. This is a great, cheap little compact, which I think could be utilised as an all-rounder face palette if you’re on a budget.

Buy it here.

Collection Bronze Glow Mosaic

This is another Collection bronzer (surprise, surprise). This one is in the shade “Radiant”, and it’s definitely a darker alternative to the other ‘palette’ and has a reddy, almost orange undertone to it. I like to wear this one when I am using my lighter foundation, because it is quite dark for my skin tone. It’s really pretty though, and like the other Collection bronzer has a really nice shimmer and glow to it.

Buy it here.

EYELINERS – KIKO Graphic Gaze Eye Marker + KIKO Deep Black Eye Marker

Eyeliner is the only product I wear on my eyes, and I got both of these for an awesome price in a massive KIKO shop in Madrid. They are both different to any other eyeliners I have seen or used before, so naturally, I had to buy both. The Graphic Gaze eye liner has two really interesting nibs, one thick and one thin, which are picture bottom middle and right. It’s like a circle blob thing on the end of the nib, which is useful for getting a really precise and accurate cat eye. The Deep Black Eye Marker is pictured bottom left, and is a thicker pen style, which I use for a more dramatic winged look. Both of them are really nice to use, as well as a great black colour.

Buy KIKO Graphic Gaze Eye Marker here. (This one was hard to find, so I think it’s been discontinued or sold out, sorry)

Buy KIKO Deep Black Eye Marker here. (It’s on sale for £2.30 woahhh!)

Eye liners

Collection Eye Brow Kit

My final make-up bag item is my Collection Brow Kit. It is from their new range, and I bought it because I wanted to start doing my brows, and an affordable, all-in-one kit seemed like the right place to start. I bought it in brunette, and it’s a very dark kit, so even though I have dark eyebrows, I use a tiny bit of the middle shade mixed with the lightest shade. Even then, it’s almost too dark for me. To be honest, I’m really crap at brows, so I’m still working on my technique. It’s literally my least favourite step to my make-up routine. Stupid eyebrows.

Buy it here.


So those are the products in my make-up bag!

What are the staples in your collection?

Let me know in the comments!



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