“I feel like a granny – and I love it”

Hey, let’s talk about my new favourite thing – cardigans. There’s something so appealing about wrapping yourself up in cosy clothes, even more so when you can wear them outside. I’m the type of person who wears hoodies and sweaters in the transitional seasons, but I thought this time around I’d try something new.

I found both of these cardigans in Sainsbury’s, of all places. They had a 25% off offer on, so me and mum had a little scout around and I found some awesome bits. These aren’t something I would normally pick up, but I wanted to give them a try. The discount made it a no-brainer, because, duh.

I feel like a real granny in these, and I love it. Surprisingly, they make me feel really put together, and it’s a bit prettier than a hoodie. Plus they are super cosy. gery edit 2This first grey cardigan worked out at about £18, and I chose it because of the cut. It sort of looks like a really thin coat, because it cinches in at the back and has a sort of collared cut to it. A bit like those long line, very masculine coats that everyone was wearing in the winter. (very technical description)

One thing I’ve noticed with these cardis is that they are great for chucking on when you’re in a rush, and they instantly make you look more presentable. They are really stretchy and soft, plus this one has cuffed sleeves which is one of my favourite things ever.Grey edit 1I think the colour of the cardi is gorgeous, and it looks really nice with blue jeans. It also looks bangin’ with Vans and other muted colours like this khaki sweater I’m wearing underneath.grey edit 3


This next stripey cardi I got for £6 – unbelievable. I love it when you hit the sales at just the right time.

It sort of reminds me of Joules, because it has that kind of vibe with the navy and white stripes. I also love the pop of colour with the orange pocket, and stripes are my absolute fave. To be honest, I’m not a massive fan of wearing white clothing because I love ketchup too much, but I think for £6 it was worth the risk.

edit 2Okay, I’m struggling with my weight a lot at the moment, and one thing I love about these cardis is that they cover me up. I love tucking my shirts into my jeans, and I use my cardigan to hide my hips and tummy. It works a treat and give me a boost of confidence.

This cardigan is a bit thicker wool which is nice for snuggling in at night, but it also has a looser cut. It has a more relaxed and laid back feeling about it; it sort of hangs off your body, rather than have a strict structure to it. edit 3Once again, I like to wear it with my fave ever blue jeans from Next, but I tend to opt for my pink metallic converse for this one, because I like the clash with the orange pockets. I wore this cardi with my top of life from Primark, because the pattern clash is fun and why not tbh. edit 4


So that’s it! There’s my weird granny style and new found love of cardigans!

Hope you enjoyed this little post, thanks for reading!



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