“This coat makes me feel super glamorous”

Okay, you might be wondering, haven’t I seen this post before? And the answer is no. I’m just a crazy person with two wacky faux fur leopard print coats.

I spoke in the last post Pink Collared Faux Fur Coat about how clothes make you feel, and once again, this coat makes me feel super glamorous. So I thought I’d feature it, because why not.


“There’s nothing wrong with being out there – it’s my favourite place to be”

It’s a shorter, boxier cut in comparison to my other coat. It sort of has that blazer style to it, with the big collar and pop buttons. I think this cut makes it look a lot smarter and more tailored.

The fur on it is shorter, and the colours are more muted, making it less “out there”. To me, there’s nothing wrong with being out there and different – it’s definitely my favourite place to be. I think it’s important to dress for you, and not worry what everyone else is wearing or thinking. Also, remember that a bonus of wearing faux fur is that you are basically wearing a fancy dressing gown all day, plus you look super put together.

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“Mum steals this coat from me all the time”

My mum steals this coat all the time, and we both tend to wear it with similar things. She’s a really funky mumma.

Because it’s quite a statement piece, I like to style it with all black underneath, because I think it’s a really good contrast. In this shoot for example, I’m wearing a ridiculously short black swing dress from Glamorous (no shame), with my fave 200 dernier Primark tights and the same H&M biker boots from my Leather Jacket Look post. It’s a simple look really, but the coat makes it look so much more striking.


“Just picking up a loaf of Hovis in my fur coat”

I usually wear this coat at night times for meals out and such, but sometimes when I pop to the supermarket I put it on just so I feel really, really cool. Just picking up a pack of biscuits and a loaf of Hovis in my fur coat. Glamour all day, every day, what can I say?

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“Fur coats are important for cinema situations”

Fur coats are not just for glamour. They are also extremely important for cinema situations.

A: it’s got big pockets for smuggling in sweets.

B: it doubles as a blanket.

Don’t worry, I got your back – style and comfort wheeey!


This exact coat can be found on here on eBay for a ridiculous price. The best place I have found for fur coats and leopard print attire is ASOS.



Thank you so much for reading!

All my love x


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