FAVOURITES: April 2017 | Everyday May

April has been a month of ups and downs for me. My work life has been pretty pants recently, with lots of things going wrong and emotions running high. On the contrary, my personal life has been pretty awesome. My blog has been doing well in its first month, and I’m loving writing it and doing all the photography. It has meant that I have gotten close again with an old school friend, as we are both just starting out on our blogs so we have been having lots of days out together doing some shoots and brainstorming ideas. I love getting out and about again and finally putting myself out there.

I have loved writing and photography ever since I was little; writing short stories in my notebooks and creating amazing characters with names I wish I had, to buying my first proper camera aged 13. I’m glad that April has been the month that I have finally come into my own and started something that I really enjoy writing and sharing. I’m excited to see what’s to come in May with Everyday May! Let’s look into my favourites of this month:)


Since I’ve been using my computer twice as much as I normally would since writing my blog, I needed a mouse for better control in photo editing and other programs. I didn’t need anything fancy, so went into PC World, expecting to buy a cute baby pink mouse I saw online, but I found something so much better. Logitech have a range of super cool mice with really pretty designs on them and I was IN LOVE. Not to mention I got 50% off of mine whoooop! It’s wireless, easy to chuck in my laptop case, plus it’s SUPER CUTE!!! There are about 7 or 8 designs to choose from, but being as my laptop is white, I went with the white and pastel colours to coordinate – plus this design is adorable. It’s a nice way to turn a mundane and practical object in to something more fun.



I became a bit of a hand cream hoarder so had about 6 hand creams on the go and in different hand bags and never really notice the results coming from just one product. I rediscovered this little gem when I was clearing out my beauty drawer and was really happy with the results it gave me after just a day of using it. I get dry, cracked hands when I get stressed or overwhelmed, not even medicated cream helps it sometimes, so I was really impressed by how well this cream works. It has a pleasant sort of floral scent, and it drys super quickly without leaving that weird tacky slime (gross) behind. I would totally recommend it.



This album is such an important one for me. I used to listen to it over and over when I was going through a bit of a rough patch in my life, but was delighted to see it pop up on my discover page on Spotify. The songs are incredible, and I love re-listening to it now that I am at a happier stage, my favourite songs being “The Writer” and “Lights.”


I really struggle to invest in make-up products and tools, because I worry that if they don’t work for me, I’ve just wasted a tonne of money. Because of this, I tend to buy my make-up brushes from either Primark or Wilko, because they are quite cheap. I also don’t like to keep make-up brushes for too long because I get a little freaked out by germs and chuck them out perhaps every 5 or 6 months.

When I saw Wilko’s had brought out a fancy ergonomic brush range for a fiver a brush, I was buzzing. They are super sleek brushes, with lovely soft bristles that apply make-up well. I’m not exactly an expert, but they work well enough for me – particularly the foundation brush as it helps me to apply my base more evenly. If you are in the market for cheap brushes – Wilko is the place to hit up – especially if you are put of by the price of premium brands.



POWDER 2.jpg

Like everyone else in the world, I love the Rimmel Stay Matte and the Rimmel Clear Complexion Radiance powders. But when I dropped both of mine so hard they smashed *cries*, I thought it was a sign to look for another fave. I have only recently discovered Collection as a brand, and love the quality of the product for such a cheap price, so I thought I’d try their Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear powder. It comes with a sponge, but I much prefer to apply it over the top of my foundation and concealer with the Wilko ergonomic powder brush from the collection I just talked about. What I like about this powder is that it has a bit of colour, and it works really well to even out your complexion, as well as helping the make up stay on for longer. It only cost about 4 quid, and I’m absolutely loving it so far because it makes my base look flawless.



Okay, Emma Watson is one of my favourite actresses of all time. Even though I didn’t watch Disney films when I was a child, I was still excited about Disney remaking Beauty and the Beast because Emma Watson stars in it. I didn’t really know any princess stories so went in blind, but as it turns out I really enjoyed it. Okay, some parts of the film were throw up Disney, but other parts were really good, and sort of challenge traditional perceptions of women in society. I liked it a lot and Disney songs are always super catchy – much to Xav’s dismay because he didn’t know it was a musical loooooool. Plus, I love going to the cinema so I can have a Tango Ice Blast tbh.


So there’s my little April round-up, I hope you enjoyed it!

What products/movies/music/books were you raving about in April?

I’d love to know in the comments!


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