Walks With Lola #2 – The Beach

IMG_3979The other day, I grabbed a few friends (+ some dogs), got in the car, and headed for the beach. Lola the cocker spaniel and Bay had a great time running around and chasing each other in the sand, and Lola swam in the sea for the first time. It was super cute.IMG_3981IMG_3985Look how CUTE Bay is! Lola was completely besotted by her and followed her everywhere. Bay was like Lola’s big sister, showing her the ropes.IMG_3986Mid-chase.IMG_3995IMG_3999Lola looking lost because Bay left her behind.IMG_4004Lola anticipating whether or not she should go in any further… she had been really nervous about going into the water on other trips to the beach. I think because Bay was really confident and went bounding in, Lola sort of realised it wasn’t that bad and followed her in. She was a bit nervous, but eventually got used to it. She’s really tiny so couldn’t go out very far anyway. Bless her.IMG_4007The dogs coming in from the sea to wait not-so-patiently for the boys to throw shells for them to catch.IMG_4012They never caught any, but kept coming back for more over and over again!IMG_4018IMG_4019Bay looking exhausted after she had been running in and out of the water for about twenty minutes. She was absolutely loving it!IMG_4024I love this photo; Lola is desperately trying to keep up with Bay, but her legs are so tiny! She has to run so quick to keep up with her.IMG_4027IMG_4028IMG_4037It was so nice to catch up with some good friends, and take in the sea air. The dogs had a great time bounding around, running up and down the beach chasing each other, swimming out to catch the shells we were throwing for them. I’m so proud of little Lola bear for swimming, she was so desperate to keep up with Bay – I think secretly Lola idolised her, and wanted to impress her but showing her that she could do everything Bay could do. Bless them.


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