APPS: Time Waster Games

We are all guilty of using our phones as a distraction. Waiting for a train? Get out your phone. In a queue? Get out your phone. Our phones seem to be the answer for everything nowadays. I have a love/hate relationship with my phone. Sometimes when the battery dies, I don’t bother charging it for a while, but other times, I love a flick through Instagram and a retweet of something funny on Twitter and end up being on my phone for an hour. So, I wanted to write this little post about some games I have found that are awesome for filling those 5 minutes on the tube, or playing to distract your mind before you go to bed.

Here’s my Top 3 Time Waster Games:


I spoke about Word Cookies in my post about Stress Management (Things to Do to Help Manage Stress) and I’m still addicted to it. It’s a word game, where you are given a set of letters and you have to derive different words from it. Sounds a bit boring, but it’s frustratingly addictive, and I love it. My friends and I have a little group chat where we post screen shots of our game play when we are stuck and help each other out with answers so we can go onto the next level – perhaps a tad sad, but I love it all the same. Sometimes the words are staring you blank in the face but for the life of you you can’t find them.

Word Cookies is free to download on Google Play and Apple Store. You can buy add-ons such as coins for hints and to remove the ads if you so desire.


Word Cookies on Android // Word Cookies on iTunes


I found Pigments on the indie section of the Apple Store because I was looking for a quick, aesthetically pleasing, little game to play. It’s got such a simple concept, and it’s all about colour and logic. A basic explanation of the game is you have to combine blue and red coloured dots to create purple ones, and link lots of different purple dots together to get points, all against a 60 second timer. It sounds really pants when I write it down like that but you get super competitive and motivated to beat your previous score. Awesome if you like pretty looking games, and you can keep scores for two different players, so you can try and beat your friends!


Pigments on Android // Pigments on iTunes


Okay, Mario Kart and the Super Mario Brother’s games are probably my favourite games of all time, so I have always been waiting for Nintendo to release an app store version. A couple of weeks ago, my friend messaged me with a photo of the game and I was SO excited.

Okay, so you don’t have as much control as you do on the Nintendo consoles, purely because of the lack of buttons, making mostly the game about lots of running and jumping – hence the name. It’s the same concept, with the same power ups and obstacles, but the levels are shorter and their are lots of sort of mini-games you can participate in. It’s a quick-fix Mario, and it’s just as addictive as the real games and the graphics are just as good!


Mario Run on Android // Mario Run on iTunes


So that’s my little collection of Time Waster Games!

What games/apps are you loving at the moment?

Let me know in the comments!


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