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I have loved Vans for such a long time, and being as I have a little selection going on, I thought I’d do another “mini collection” post because people seemed to enjoy my Converse one as much as I loved making it. This time I wanted to improve the photographs, and what better way than by going on a lovely walk with Lola and my wonderful friend Siobhan to the woods?!

I find Vans to be versatile, comfy and really damn cool. Like my Converse, it took me so long to grab a pair, and then somehow suddenly I now have three pairs – oops. I love the classic slip-on style. I really like the simplicity of the cut, there’s no faffing with laces, and they really suit my aesthetic. I typically wear my Vans with jeans or leggings in the winter, and in the summer with a tube skirt for a preppy vibe. I don’t tend to wear socks with Vans, but rather those little “invisible socks” because I personally think the shoe looks better without socks.

I first noticed the Classic Slip-on style when I saw them in a black and white chequered pattern and instantly loved them. Ever since then, I have had my eye on Vans, loving the vast variety of patterns, colours, materials and styles they come in.

Golden Metallic


Last year, I went through a long phase of loving everything glittery and metallic. This golden shiny pair I first saw in a fashion magazine, and daydreamed about them until the day I got them. They took me a while to find, it seemed that they were constantly in and out of stock, but I was buzzing to finally get my hands on them. One thing I will say about the Vans Slips-On I have, is that all three pairs fit slightly differently. For example, this pair comes up large, so I have to wear an innersole and thicker invisible socks to get a comfortable fit, whereas the next pair I’m going to show you fit perfectly.

I like wearing this pair to make an outfit more interesting, as typically I wear them with jeans and a white t-shirt. The colour is really lovely, and they go with pretty much anything I wear – total win for lazy dressers like me. They make you look like you’ve actually made an effort, particularly because they are a little bit smart/glam. I love the thick sole, and that they are made of a faux/leather material, which makes them rainproof – super useful for British weather.


Basic Black

EDIT 2.jpg

These were the first pair I bought, and I got them because my work was trying to make me wear really nerdy shoes and I didn’t want to. Rebellious, eh? Totally did a victory dance when they arrived at my door.

These shoes fit me so well and are so comfy – I don’t have to wear an innersole to get a perfect fit. These particular slip-ons are made with fabric in comparison to the Golden Metallic, so the black has discoloured slightly at the toes, however I would say that constant wear and dirt has contributed heavily to this. I usually wear these shoes to work, when I’m driving long distances because they are that comfy, or with black tights and a black skirt or black jeans. They are great for kicking on and off and go with pretty much everything.

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Silver/Grey Metallic

EDIT 7.jpg

These are the only pair of Slip-Ons I have a problem with blisters with. They fit well overall, but the heel is slightly tight, so I have to wear invisible socks with a high back so that they cover my heel. My lovely boyfriend brought me these and I love them (and him aw). They are a super cool grey/silver colour, and they look banging in the light because the reflect really beautifully. I like to wear these with black jeans or with a black bodycon dress. They also look really nice with a night-out outfit because they are quite dressy but allow you to be casual at the same time.


Slip-on vans will always be a staple to my wardrobe because of their flexibility and effortless coolness. They are classic, funky, wearable and long-lasting. A really good investment shoe.

What styles and colours of Vans do you own? I’d love to know in the comments!



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