“I liked how it looked on me, so naturally I wore it constantly”

If I’m honest, I’m not a leather wearer. I’ve never really been a massive fan of the material, as I tend to opt for comfy fabrics I can slouch around in. 2 years ago, Mum brought my this faux leather jacket in the Matalan sale, and I was surprised when I liked how it looked on me. So naturally, I wore it constantly.

2 years on, I sort of forgot I had it, and it was only last week I found it again when I was looking for a light jacket to wear on a day trip to Cambridge. It still fits nice, and with my revived sense of confidence (the small amount of it I have), I feel more comfortable in wearing it with stuff that are actually my style. Hooray.EDIT 2

“I’m having a bit of a falling out with my body”

I’m a really uncool person, and trying to make this jacket look really cool on me is hard. Most people pair it with black jeans, but I’m sort of having a bit of a falling out with my body at the moment, and I will only wear this one pair of blue jeans out all I own, because every other pair I just feel horrid in. So I thought, maybe instead of going all punk (lol), I try something different and wear clothes that I feel happy in. I mean, that’s the whole point of clothes to me – personal happiness. Right?EDIT 3.jpg

“I don’t have the confidence to wear crops with jeans because of the risk of a cheeky belly flash”

Tube skirts and 200 denier tights were pretty much my signature look at sixth form. I own about 5 skirts in this style in different colours, but the black one is definitely my most worn one. The 200 denier tights are great because it’s always bloody cold in the UK, and they keep your little toesies warm. It’s basically like wearing leggings because they are that thick.EDIT 4I have a couple of cropped jumpers from H&M, but I don’t have the confidence to wear crops with jeans because of the risk of a cheeky belly flash, so pairing them with this skirt is great as it covers my waist and belly. I love the red and blue wool mix, plus it was an absolute steal for a tenner. I think it gives a pop of colour to my predominately black wardrobe, and I like that.

Okay this wall is a great back drop, but if you look closer, there’s a little scribble that doesn’t exactly match my aesthetic. Haha!

“They make me feel so badass”

The biker look is so cool, so I do like to pair this jacket with my black biker boots; also from H&M. I have worn these boots so much that there’s hardly any of the heels left, so I’m patiently looking for a new equally as cool pair. I only paid ยฃ25 for them, but they are hands down one of my favourite pairs of shoes of all time, because they make me feel so badass. I think they look really nice with the tube skirt as well, but idk I’m probably wrong.EDIT 6.jpgBlack nails and winged eyeliner are the last on my checklist for this look, as well as the obligatory sunnies on my head – but let’s face it, when don’t I have sunglasses on? lol.

So that’s my little leather jacket look (for when I’m feeling confident!). I hope you enjoyed this post and my style isn’t too awful!

Love always x



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