I first discovered the Uniqlo brand on a trip to London with a friend. I had never really heard much about it until then, but as soon as I stepped into the store, I loved pretty much everything. Uniqlo have some quite simple ranges, with block colours, repetitive patterns, structured pieces – and I was in heaven.

When I visited America with my family, there were huge Uniqlo stores at all the shopping centres we went to – in both Florida and New York. I couldn’t resist having a snoop around, and managed to pick up some truly weird and wonderful finds during my search. Here are my purchases:


I found this top in an Uniqlo on one of the main shopping streets in New York. It’s got a distressed print of Lady Liberty covering it in a repetitive horizontal pattern. I believe it was actually from the men’s range, but I thought the cut still made it look quite flattering on a women’s body. I’m sure it was actually from an Andy Warhol inspired range, and I love how the pattern looks like it had been hand screen printed onto the garment, much like Warhol’s work. I thought it was a cool souvenir to take home to remind me of my time in New York, plus I love Warhol.


To be honest, I just bought this top because it made my laugh. I picked this one up from Downtown Disney in Florida. The colour is everything and I love slogan tees. A great thing about Uniqlo t-shirts is that the sleeves are quite long, which is great if you’re anything like me and get a bit self-conscious about showing your arms/shoulders. This top looks really cool with blue jeans and Vans.


This top is AMAZING. I also picked this one up from Downtown Disney during our trip to Florida. It is soooo cool, I had to have it! I was super nerdy and wore it when we visited Epcot to the Nemo rides, and Crush even mentioned me when we went to his chat show thing. I almost died with embarrassment though, but tbf I did bring it on myself. I love how the design is on both sides of the t-shirt, and it’s just so darn funny. The seagulls are definitely one of my favourite parts of Nemo.


This is another one of Uniqlo’s tops that just made me lol. I spotted this one in the sale in London – I only paid about 6 quid for it! BARGAIN. It’s got quite a slouchy cut which I like, but I do wish the sleeves were a little longer. The front of the top says “CHEESE DEFENDER”, with a cute little bear thing wearing a mask. It also has a tiny doodle of a slice of cheese on the back which is a nice little detail. It’s totally random and I love cheese, so naturally I bought it. I like to wear it with plaid shirts and tube skirts.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Keep your eyes peeled for another Uniqlo clothing favourites post coming in May!

Have you ever shopped in Uniqlo? Do you have any quirky Uniqlo pieces? Let me know in the comments!



  1. I haven’t shopped at Uniqlo. just been eyeing their products online and I love it. You make me want to head over to the store 😀 If only it wasnt so far. haha love the tshirts especially the one that says “mine”. Very cool.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah definitely go to the store if you can! Some of their stuff is quite affordable and the sales are MEGA! Haha the “Mine” top is so funny, I love it! Thanks for your lovely comment:)


      1. Ah now I’m a little concerned 😄 large might be a little tight on me then. I’ll let you know how it goes. It should be here sometime next week 😁


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