FAVOURITES: March 2017

If I’m honest, this month has been a bit of a come-down. I finished my European adventure in the first week of March, and after that, life seemed really boring and plain. I suppose I sort of expected it to be that way, but it’s difficult to go from darting about interesting cities to crap day time telly. I didn’t have many hours at work, Xavier was working a lot and mum and dad went on holiday, so I was left with a lot of time on my hands sort of twiddling my thumbs and not doing an awful lot really. In this time however, I decided to really start working on my blog. I have been blogging on and off for over 3 years now, using various sites and discussing mostly personal topics such as Sixth Form and relationships. It was only my friends reading it, but I loved the whole process all the same. Whilst I was away, I decided that I would start a new blog, where I could write about all my travelling experiences and share my photographs in the hope of inspiring people to take a break and go on an adventure. I believe that my Europe trip has done wonders for me, showing me the importance of doing what you really love in life and not wasting a second. Now, with all that said and done, let’s have a look at what I’ve been loving in March, the month of returning to reality…

L’Oréal True Match Concealer

I already loved the True Match Foundation, as it gives me great coverage with a feather light feel, and doesn’t dry me out. I have eczema, and this means that I have to be extremely careful with what I use on my face, as too many products can become quite painful. Unfortunately like most young people, I get spots, so was in the market for a good quality, kind to skin concealer. I only found out that L’Oreal made this matching product when Xavier took me to Norwich Chapelfield and I had a good rummage around Boots, and was delighted to see it on the L’Oreal stand. Actually, I was absolutely buzzing. A few swatches and I loved it, especially as it is made in my shade: “Vanilla.”

The product itself is easy to blend, conceals the appearance of dark under-eye circles and redness, blurs imperfections and – in hand with the matching foundation – gives you a near flawless complexion. I use this concealer after the foundation, then take it with me to touch up my face during the day.


Modern Family

Oh. My. I watched the first 2 series of Modern Family a few years ago when I had a Netflix subscription, and then sort of forgot about it when I started watching Suits and Pretty Little Liars. At age 15, I don’t think I understood most of the humour. However, 3 and a half years later, I saw a random episode on Sky 1 and laughed pretty much all the way through. My favourite character is Phil Dunphy, because he has such a similar personality to my boyfriend, Xavier (in a totally not weird way), and I think that’s what he’ll be like when he’s a dad. I love how real and honest the show is – it’s exactly what having a family is like – and the humour is so subtle and hilarious. I don’t think there’s been an episode where I haven’t laughed out loud. I love watching a series all the way through because you can really get into it, and after a while it sort of becomes like a second life that you can immerse yourself in in times of stress. I thoroughly recommend Modern Family to anyone looking for easy-viewing, side-splitting, real life television. I have watched about 3 whole series this month. Oops.

Getting Up Earlier

Recently, my parents went away on holiday which meant that I had to get my brother too and from school. I left Sixth Form a year ago, and if I’m honest, even during Sixth Form I didn’t bother showing up to most of the classes because it was such a waste of time. Most days I would lie in bed until 11am and do nothing all day, then stay up late into the night wasting hours away on social media. I soon learnt that this was not the way I wanted to live. In this week, I would wake up at 7am and get ready, doing chores as I went, and got Joe to school at 8am. I then had the whole morning, and I would get so much done. I could take Lola on an hour long walk, I could write blog posts and take photos, get chores done, visit my friends, go outside. It was amazing. I am now trying to get up earlier and set more goals for my day, which I am so far finding is making me more motivated and much happier in myself. I also feel fresher and more mature when I get up early, which seems weird but I reckon someone will understand what I mean.

Kiko Lipstick

I bought myself my first proper lipstick when I went to Madrid during my European adventure. I have always loved brown lipstick, and I found that Kiko did some really cheap one in beautiful shades so I thought, screw it let’s give some a try. Turns out it doesn’t look too bad, even if my application is crap. Kiko is a good brand for lipsticks if you are branching out your shade range, as some of their products are around the £4 mark, so naturally, I brought two. I’ve only worn the product for about 2 hours at a time so I can’t really review them as such, but I have been trying to wearing the lipstick on and off throughout March. I can vouch for the product and say that the pigment is good and although they aren’t matte, they aren’t uncomfortable or greasy on your lips. The shade photographed is called SMART 436 from the Fusion Lipstick range.


My Charity Shop Find: Zara T-Shirt

A few months ago, Xavier and I went a did a bit of charity shop shopping. Turns out you can pick up some really good bargains and in turn donate to a great cause! We visited a big Sue Ryder store and I found a long sleeved, black and white Zara top for £2 – buzz!!! Luckily, it fits really well, and it feels so much nicer wearing it knowing that you donated a little bit to help someone who needs help and support. I’ve been wearing it a lot this month with jeans and Converse.


Divide by Ed Sheeran

I just wanted to briefly mention the incredible new album Ed dropped. DAYUM!!! Love it!!!! I always have it on in the car, blaring out “Barcelona.” Boy, is he talented. Probably my favourite album of his so far. My current favourite song is “New Man.”


So there’s my little March round-up. I hope you enjoyed it:)


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