PRIMARK: Budget £1 and Under Finds

Primark is really good for budget shopping, and the other day I popped in and found myself some really cool stuff for £1 and under. Just thought I’d show you my cheap little finds.

Cotton Pads, 90p

The first thing I picked up were these cotton pads. I buy a packet pretty much every time I visit Primark, as they are great for taking off nail polish or make up. I like them because they are really big, so you needn’t use many to get off a full face of make up. You also get a tonne in the packet and they are dirt cheap, plus you don’t end up with loads of cotton fluff on your face like you do with other cotton pads on the market. So it’s a win, win, win tbh.


Bag, 50p

I love leopard print. I spotted this in the line for the till and it was reduced down from £1 to 50p so I grabbed it. Seriously though, 50p. It’s just your basic canvas shopper bag but I know I will use it to death, even if it is made of crap material. Plus it’s super cute. Love it.


Sunglasses, £1

If I’m honest, I’ve always looked like a bit of a goon in aviators but I really liked this pair, and for a quid I thought why not. They totally make me feel like Kate Hudson too. Yes they are pretty poorly made and will probably break in a week or so, but there’s no point me buying expensive sunglasses because I always accidentally sit on them or get them scratched or something. These glasses make me feel badass tbh.


Primarni forever and ever ❤


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