Recently, I embarked on a 5 week long adventure across Europe, packing only a cabin-sized small suitcase. Not only did this mean I saved a tonne of money on hold luggage fees, it meant, unfortunately, I was very limited on space, and I had to carefully choose what I wanted to take with me. Packing only essentials and necessities, I was finally able to narrow down my travel must-haves which I will be taking on every trip I go on in the future. Here’s a few of my favourites:


Technology can either enhance or ruin any trip. In my case, it gave me some super cool stats! I love my fitbit for back at home to encourage me to get moving and to compete against my boyfriend in steps competitions (it’s the only thing I win at, okay?). Abroad, I use it for similar objectives; mostly to track how far we were walking each day and how many steps we are doing. It is unbelievable the distance you travel when you are exploring a new place, because you don’t really notice how far you are going when you are moving about sightseeing and getting from and to each destination. The Fitbit (in my experience), has been durable and water resistant, plus I don’t like to take my treasured jewellery with me when I travel because I know that I will lose it.


I’m a big reader, and I love to read on the plane and before I go to bed. The problem is, I would never be able to fit in the amount of books I get through in the weight restrictions of my luggage, let alone into my suitcase. The Kindle was so fab because I was able to buy and load all the books I wanted to read onto it from either Amazon or the Kindle app – there are also a ton of free books available too and daily deals. In the 5 weeks we were away, I read 7 books and started an 8th. I actually used my mum’s Kindle because she had the Harry Potter collection on it and I had just started rereading them (still amazing the second time around). Mum’s Kindle doesn’t have a backlight, which strangely was one of the selling points to me because you need a light to be able to read it, just like a regular book. I struggle with reading screens and white/bright paper, so this meant reading was a lot easier and more comfortable for me, and I enjoyed the whole process much more. I would recommend the Kindle for those who get through books quickly, as it saves so much room and weight in your suitcase. I can understand the argument that the Kindle isn’t quite the same as reading a “real life book”, however I would rather use this handy little device than go without reading for over a month.

Canon EOS M10 Camera

For my A-Levels I studied Photography, and my school had those fancy DSLR cameras. They took fantastic photos, and I soon as I had time to take my own photos I wanted one just like it. The problem is, tech such a professional cameras can be super expensive, and I would much rather keep that money to visit a few more cities. I found out there are compact versions of this cameras for half the price. This particular camera was on promo for £279, and I was drawn to it because of it’s dandy adjustable screen – perfect for selfies! The lens is detachable, as you can buy different lenses to suit your needs. It is also touchscreen, has a NFC (near field communication) feature, meaning you can send your photos to your phone in an instant, and takes stunning photos and videos. I am very impressed with this camera, especially for its reasonable price point.

Here’s where you can buy it:

Fingerless Gloves

A close family friend bought me a really thoughtful gift for Christmas last year for my travels – fingerless gloves. It sounds like a silly, irrelevant thing, but these gloves actually really came in handy in the colder cities, especially when I wanted to take photos or buy something from a street stall and needed to fumble with some cash. They kept my hands nice and cosy, but were still functional and stylish. It’s definitely something to think about for your next trip, because often things like gloves go under the radar and are forgotten about.

Lightweight Jacket

Okay, this coat with a steal! My friend and I found it in Primark, and it only cost £15! You can stuff it into the little bag that it comes in as a sort of pack-a-mac, however it also packs pretty flat as well which is useful for getting into your suitcase. It’s super lightweight and warm, and features some handy inside pockets, which I used for my phone and cash to hide them from pickpockets. There were a variety of colours – our Primark is quite a small store and it had 8 colours, so there may be more – and you could opt for a hood too. The colour I chose didn’t feature a hood which was a shame. The coat itself is warm and fitted; I got a size up so that I could wear a hoodie underneath it in colder weather. We didn’t expect to get too much use out of it on our trip because we hit Europe in February, however we were surprised by how warm it was in places such as Rome, Madrid and Barcelona – score! Definitely a one up from your conventional pack-a-mac.

So these are my travel must-haves! I hope that you have found this useful:)



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