Ever since I was 12, I always wanted a pair of black Hi-Top Converse. It seemed like there was nothing else in this world that was more important to me than owning a pair. I used to dream of wearing them to school on non-uniform day with a pair of blue jeans and a hoodie, finally able to look just as cool as all the other kids. I would take trips with my friends to the shops out of town and gaze longingly at them in the store window in all their £60 glory. Everyone else had them, even some of the mums. Pink ones, green ones, gold ones, patterned ones. Trainers, low-rides, thick soled, scuffed at the heel. Kids would splurge on two pairs at a time with their birthday money, striding around at weekends showing off their new kicks and posting at least 6 photos on Instagram. I wanted a pair of my own so badly. But £60 is a lot of money for a kid to spend on just one pair of sneakers.


It was August last year that I finally got my hands on a pair. At aged 18, I’d managed to achieve a childhood ambition. It happened in Florida, on a long-awaited family holiday, at a discount village off of one of the main highways. Unbelievably, on top of all the other offers, that day the store had a buy two and get an extra 25% off. It was a dream come true. I found a super snazzy pair in my favourite colour and one of my favourite styles. For the entire month of August and the beginning of September, these were the only shoes I would wear.

What caught my eye was the colour. I fell in love with mustard yellow after seeing a Joules raincoat, and started buying loads of items in that colour whenever I saw it. I tend these shoes with blue skinny jeans and a white long sleeved tee and oversized cardigan in the winter, or a patterned short sleeved t-shirt with cropped jeans in the summer. They are also really comfortable and have a spongey innersole, which means they are perfect to take on holidays or days out when you know that you will be walking around a lot and need supportive shoes.


The next pair I spotted online when I was buying my boyfriend a pair for Christmas (oops). They were in the sale, and I also found an extra coupon code for 10% off which meant that I had to have them. The unique distressed yet metallic look drew me too them, as well as the beautiful pink and copper blended colour. I knew I would get a lot of wear out of them, because they would look good with blue and grey skinny jeans, as well as skirts and tights. I like to wear these more casually, with a long sleeved top tucked into skinny jeans for a preppy vibe, or with a patterned dress in warmer weather to clash colour and texture. I think stripes look really cool with these shoes.


This final pair was actually bought for me by my lovely boyfriend for Christmas. They are so snazzy and so me. I absolutely adore glitter and sparkly things, and I love to wear these to dress up a boring outfit. I also wear them out to dinners or dates if I don’t fancy wearing heels, because they can work as a more casual alternative to the classic going out shoe style. As they are quite a statement piece, I like to wear them with a black skirt and black tights and a knitted baggy sweater, or with a black swing dress, tights and matching glitter bag when I am wanting to smarten up.

I think that Converse are really versatile and wearable, as well as comfy and practical. Although I am yet to get the signature black hi-tops, I am hopeful that my Converse collection well continue to grow to more styles and colours. Who knows which pair is next… (I want more glitter).




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