Woah, it’s the end of the month again! Well, it’s safe to say that May was a super busy one. I’ve had so many hours at work, as well as keeping on top of my blog challenge, Everyday May, as well as a tonne of other things going on. By the time June came around, I […]

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Memories Monday #12

This week, we’re talking cake. I mean, cake is probably one of THE most important things in my whole life, and this little beauty was bought from a cafe in Lisbon. It was the cutest place ever, with the most wonderful staff, and was literally a minutes walk away from our hotel. I remember sitting […]

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On Reflection | Everyday May

A couple of nights ago, I was driving to pick up Xavvy from work, and I saw loads of this year’s graduating Sixth Former’s walking home from their pub crawl. They were celebrating their last day in compulsory education, possibly their last ever day in education. Some have dreams of university, or apprenticeships, or travel, […]

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Walks with Mya | Everyday May

Today’s post is about a cute little puppy dog called Mya. Yesterday, Xavier and I took her on a walk because it was THE NICEST DAY EVER!!!! The UK is going through a little heat wave and that moment and everyone is having the best time – man, we really aren’t used to the sun… […]

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